10k solid gold ring


Custom carved art on each side, spawned in 2005 ( quality material from 18 years ago). There is no person name. You can call the solid ring the “HJ10k” unique gold matching gemstone. Best accessories to match Green and/or gold wardrobe or which ever fancy clothes you chose to wear.

This bold 10k solid gold class ring is a perfect addition to your collection. Crafted in the United States, this ring features a stunning cushion-shaped green gemstone as the main stone. The ring is designed with a yellow gold metal that has a 10k purity level and is perfect for anyone who loves fine jewelry. This ring is a ring size 9.75-10 and has one gemstone. Fine Jewelry in the Rings collection.


Condition: Like new
Category: Men,Jewelry,Rings
Brand: Ring


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10k solid gold ring
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