ZeroXposur Mens Winter water resistant jacket size 2XL


ZeroXposur boarding co. hoodie men’s winter jacket
Firm on price.
Wow! Just spilled water on the jacket and it rolled right off didn’t know that!
Black heavy and will keep you warm.

Didn’t wear.
It’s a nice black heavy jacket with a fleece style inside to keep you warm. Pockets on front with zippers on their sides and two
Pockets down low.

Wasn’t a cheap jacket runs around $85-$90.
Willing to bundle with other items saving money.
Money will be going to the community garden for our small rural town of seniors
In the future but for right now it will go to the needy.

I encourage bundling seriously every person who has done a bundle deal has saved a bunch of money. Mecari picks the price. Go for it you’ll be happy you did.
Money will be going to feed the needy this month in our small town. Went to volunteer and my heart was breaking when we had to turn so many cars away because we ran out of food. This should not be happening in our country what the heck is going on?

Condition: Like new
Size: XXL (50-52)
Category: Men,Coats & jackets,Rainwear
Brand: ZeroXposur


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ZeroXposur Mens Winter water resistant jacket size 2XL
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